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At this time, we currently do not have a high school Young Life group. If you are interested in being a part of Wyldlife or Capernaum, please contact Jesse Booton- for Wyldlife or Carissa Erickson- for Capernaum.


"Young Life is our high school ministry. It's a ministry that meets students where they are during a time when their lives are constantly changing. We have club and campaigners, two events that allow us to engage with these friends of ours and share the love of Christ with them. We have students attend from various high schools, and if you are interested in finding out more about this ministry, please feel free to reach out!"

lake county wyldlife


Please direct questions to:

Jesse Booton -


"Lake County Wyldlife is a ministry where middle schoolers are introduced to Jesus Christ and we help them grow in their faith. We do this by building relationships and having tons of fun. Wyldlife is a fun and interactive way to get middle schoolers to engage in their faith. We are looking forward to the ways the Lord will continue to use this ministry."

lake county capernaum

lake county committee



Annie Bandolik -


"Our committee exists because we have a committed group of adults within our community who believe in the longevity and kingdom work of Lake County Young Life. These committee members think of ways to care for volunteer leaders, help with our various events, pray for all of our ministries and spread the word about Young Life. If you are interested in joining our committee, you should! Our committee members give voice to our ministry in ways staff members cannot and we are thankful!"

volunteer leaders

want to lead yl?


Annie Bandolik -


"As a young life leader you are meeting students where they are. We have three ministries where we would love to have more leaders. It is a commitment to sharing the love of Jesus Christ, through building relationships and doing the hard work of showing up! If you would like to join our leadership team, reach out and we would love to meet with you and hear your heart for leadership and caring for kids in our community. Leaders are so essential to this ministry!"

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